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Easthaven Kitchen Remodeling

Houston Remodeling is actually the # 1 full-service kitchen and bathroom restoration service provider. And also, as Easthaven contractors, our company provides services for all rooms in the entire home.

Our experts recognize the variety of the Easthaven region as well as provide services for the variety of requirements and wishes of every unique client.

While several property owners seeking a kitchen makeover in Easthaven do wish for a number of the same components, everyone is actually various. At Houston Remodeling, our company commemorates those variations.

Some might have a priority for extra seating at the island at the top of their checklist. For others, a practical and effective setting where they can easily make beautiful dishes is important. Houston Remodeling delivers you specifically what you’ve been searching for. Our approach is to ask questions as well as listen closely to our client’s responses while delivering our knowledge as well as support. Our home kitchen redesign is finished with your optimal kitchen area in mind. You can easily depend on Houston Remodeling as your kitchen space professional.

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Expert Easthaven Home Improvement & Renovations

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Full-Service Kitchen Makeover in Easthaven

Never mind whether your perfect home kitchen design is a traditional feel, modern, country farmhouse, cottage, transition, smart, present-day, or even one which will be the envy of acclaimed cooks. As the #1 Easthaven kitchen contractor, we provide the most ideal kitchen space in Easthaven, regardless of your design type.

Types of Kitchen designs in Easthaven

Not sure about what you yearn for in your new project? No worry. As Easthaven kitchen specialists our team is properly-versed in the field, what looks fantastic, what works, and also what does not, exactly how to create it within your finances, and also exactly how to make it ideal for you.

Home Improvement Solutions

Utilize your cooking area along with quality lighting fixtures upgrades. Obtain stunning illuminations that supply you with the light you need to have, where you need it, all while improving your home kitchen.


We will visit you onsite, free of charge, and assess your remodeling goals to determine what design and products are perfect for you.


Our professional remodeling teams will install your new kitchen or bath to your satisfaction and leave your home in the same condition it was found in.


Never have concern for the quality of your remodeling project.  Our crew will ensure you have guaranteed maintenance and support, so you’ll always have peace of mind.


We follow a specific process that we know will guarantee a quality experience that will delight for many years.


Bathroom Makeover Easthaven

No bathroom remodel in Easthaven is too large or small for Houston Remodeling. If you want to give your guest bathroom a few upgrades, need a more luxurious tub in the master bath, or would like to completely renovate your children’s bathroom with a new shower, we can do it all. We even offer cost-effective, convenient services for a bathroom renovation in Easthaven that uses the highest-quality materials available in the industry.

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What does a Easthaven remodeling professional do?

Allow our team to suggest what’s ideal for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling venture, whether it’s brand-new home appliances kitchen countertop, work area or, developing an extra roomy cooking area or even design. Perhaps one thing is as straightforward as upgrading a backsplash or something as major as including a stunning island.

Easthaven Kitchen Remodeling Contractors


Floor covering is among the most often overlooked part of a home kitchen renovation. A soft attractive floor finishes your kitchen space and also allows you to walk through it carefully.

Whether you are actually trying to find ceramic tile, brick, hardwood, or just about anything else, Our company has lots of various floor covering possibilities to select from. Our experts can easily match the rest of your home kitchen, what you currently have, or even go back to square one along with something impressive as well as new. It is all up to you!


Home Kitchen Remodeling in Easthaven

We can help you finance a new kitchen or bathroom. It might be much easier than you can imagine to get an affordable monthly payment. We are here to discuss your options.

Easthaven's #1 Rated Remodelers

Lighting Fixtures

Do not overlook your fixtures and also home appliances when updating your kitchen space! Have you ever heard the term “lighting is everything”? …That statement applies in your new kitchen, bathroom, or any other new addition to your home. Whether you like the timeless appeal or prefer stainless-steel appliances, Our team has excellent choices to create your home kitchen appearance.

Countertops & Islands

Let our company revitalize your kitchen countertops along with a soft, beautiful| new appearance. Our experts possess a myriad of gorgeous countertop products to pick from as well as different colors to satisfy every preference.

Trying to find additional space in your home kitchen? An island is a fantastic way to acquire that room you so seriously need to have. Our Easthaven kitchen specialists can easily aid your selection for the best design layout for you and also your cooking area.


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Easthaven

When speaking about kitchen space improvements in the Easthaven region, customers usually tend to consider the basics, to begin with — home appliances, kitchen sinks, cabinetries, and also kitchen countertops — however there is a great deal more!


If you’re considering renovating your home kitchen, you likely have some questions prior to beginning. Effective preparation as well budgeting are the most ideal methods to guarantee an effective makeover. Our team listed below the most frequently asked questions to assist you with the whole remodeling process, to begin with addressing any kind of concerns you might have.

Remodeling your kitchen will increase the value of your house, but there are some questions about how much. While any improvement to your home will increase its value, the kitchen is often the best place to make the most of your money. A kitchen renovation can increase your home’s value but you shouldn’t expect to get every cent back.

There are many options to finance your kitchen remodel. The most popular option is a home equity loan. These loans can be used to build equity in your home. They are also popular because of the lower interest rates they offer. Personal loans and low- to no-interest credit cards are other financing options. To help you decide which option is right for you, we recommend doing extensive research on each one.

The cost of a kitchen remodel will vary depending on the extent of the work involved and the materials, appliances and hardware that you select. Kitchen remodels typically cost around $25,000, or $150 per square foot. Make sure you get a detailed estimate from your contractor so you can know what you will be spending on your project.

It is a good idea to search for inspiration online or in magazines to get a better idea of what you are looking for. It will take much longer to get your ideas across, so don’t rush the process. After narrowing down your options, it’s time to schedule a consultation with a professional where you can discuss your ideas. Clear out the area and take away any personal items before any work can start.

The time it takes to complete a kitchen remodel is not known. There are many factors that will impact the timeline. You should expect the completion date to be many weeks from the time you choose the materials. Custom cabinets can take eight to ten weeks to construct. It will depend on the extent of the renovation and whether the materials are available. The contractor’s workload will also play a part in the time it takes to complete the project. The installation can be completed within a few weeks once all materials have been prepared and the demolition has been completed.

Each stage of the remodeling process is just as important. You will have our team with you every step of the way, keeping you informed about the progress that we make each day. These are the basic stages of your renovation.

Demolition: The first step is to get rid of everything that will not fit in the new space. This includes the removal of old cabinets, walls, sinks, appliances, and other items.

Plumbing: We will replace any old plumbing in your kitchen if necessary, making sure it is ready for all new features.

Electrical: We will update all electrical components, and replace any lighting fixtures that you don’t want.

Drywall: We will install drywall.

Paint: We will paint your walls and drywall the exact color you choose.

Flooring: All new flooring and baseboards will be installed by us.

Cabinetry: All new cabinets will be delivered and placed.

Countertops: Countertops will be installed over the new cabinetry.

Backsplash: We will install your backsplash under the cabinets, around your stove and sink.

Appliances: All new appliances will finally be installed. Cabinetry will also be updated with any final hardware.

We understand that you may be limited on funds when renovating your kitchen. However, we do not recommend cutting corners. If you don’t use high-quality products, it can lead to disappointment in the final project. The truth is that you get what your money costs, so the more expensive the product, the better. Postponing parts of your renovation can help you save money, but it will not reduce quality. We recommend that you invest in high-quality products even if it means you limit the products you purchase.

Painting is usually more affordable than refacing cabinets. Painting may not give you the desired results. Although painting can mask imperfections, it won’t make the cabinets better or fix any damage or dents. Cabinets that are refaced will replace the entire cabinetry’s front. This can make them look much better and more modern.

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